Vizio Taps Beyoncé as Spokeswoman in Superbowl Ad

Vizio, a fast-growing HDTV and consumer electronics company, has signed a 3 year deal to have Beyoncé endorse its products, kicking off the campaign with a 30-60 second ad during the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XLIV.  According to Laynie Newsome, Vizio's co-founder and VP of Sales and Marketing Communications, "“Beyoncé is in an elite class of entertainers who are globally known and respected for their talent on stage and in front of the camera.  We believe both VIZIO and Beyoncé are closely aligned as American success stories who have redefined the rules in our respective industries." Beyoncé is in demand in the advertising world.  Look for her also in an upcoming Nintendo ad airing on Nickelodeon where she will be seen playing Style Savvy, a video game that turns players into managers of a virtual boutique.