PlayOn! Sports Licenses "Anthem" by The Agency

PlayOn! Sports has licensed "Anthem" by The Agency for use in several of its high school sports programs.  PlayOn provides affordable hardware and software solutions for media companies, academic institutions and sport associations to produce high quality video coverage of live events previously precluded from broadcast because of budget constraints. Utilizing their proprietary technology, PlayOn broadcasts the events live online, with select events offered as pre-recorded, on-demand programming via their arrangements with cable companies.  In this instance, PlayOn needed high quality, upbeat, rhythmic music content that was immediately available for license given their broadcast deadline.  Additionally, the company was constrained by preexisting budgets and needed an affordable licensing solution that took into account each of their broadcast possibilities.  Affix was able to address all of their licensing needs through our "Television Program" license, and PlayOn! transacted each of their licenses autonomously via our web platform- from search, selection, license type identification, payment and delivery.  "Affix is the first solution we've found that perfectly meets our needs," states Joseph Morris, CTO at PlayOn! Check it out! 

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