Featured Music Provider: Babyboi95

Babyboi95 is a music producer, songwriter & audio engineer on the rise for Bb95 Music Group/ Nappy Boy Digital.  He is also one of those guys that seems to have more than 24 hours in his day.  Recently he has been working with host of artists, including Grammy award-winning T-Pain, Fonzworth Bentley, B.O.B, Tay Dizm, J-Bo of Youngbloodz, Yung Joc & many others.  At the same time, he maintains his full-time job as a high school teacher, all the while pursuing his passion of philanthropy.  Together with Terri Sherman of Lex Promotions & Marketing, he is co-founder of "The Sessions", a national program that provides up-and-coming producers with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive music business environment.  And we thought we were busy... We're perhaps as proud to represent Babyboi95 and his music for licensing as he is of the many youths he mentors, and we think you'll be as inspired as we were when conducting the following Q&A.

Q. What was the first record that inspired you to become a professional in the business?

A.  Wow, I'll never forget it....Kool Moe Dee - How You Like Me Now!!  I used to rap that record over and over til the tape popped!!! LOL!!

Q. Who are your musical idols?

A. Rick Ruben, Outkast, Mos Def & Dr.Dre, to name a few.

Q. What is Urban Music to you?

A. Urban music is a movement. All the way from turntables, graffiti, break dancing and lyrical craftwork!  It connects people from different walks of life by giving them ways to relate.

Q. How has the perception of Urban Music changed over the years to the general market?

A. It's become a lot stronger! It's gone from being underground to mainstream! It's gone from being a small segment to the main attraction.

Q. Is there a brand in mainstream media that is getting Urban Music right?

A. I think Coke is trying to get it right.  I’ve seen how some of their commercials are showing how genres are beginning to merge more and more.  I saw a cartoonish commercial where Rock was illustrated a bald, buff guy with tattoos and Hip Hop was personified by a dog.  When Rock would speak it sounded like a guitar and when Hip Hop would speak it would sound like a DJ scratching.  By the end, the two shared a Coke and the scratching was then laid over the rock track!  I knew then Hip Hop was definitely more visible in the mainstream.

Q. What's in your iPod right now?

A. Telepopmusik, Miles Davis, Lucy Pearl, Green Day, the ENTIRE 80's catalog, Ben Folds Five and whatever track I just made!

Q. Outside of music what are you passionate about?

A. Helping others!  I still maintain my day job as a HS teacher because I love inspiring kids. I want to be responsible for saving at least 1 life...if I save more, GREAT!

Q. I know you’re passionate about working with young people & at risk teens, how did that start for you?

A. I was basically thrown away by my teachers coming up and I never forgot that feeling.  I told myself I would prove them wrong because the best reply to a hater is your success.  After receiving so many blessings, I felt it was my job to return the favor and save a child. No matter how mad a child makes you, they're still a child. We have to remember that and guide them.

Q. As a producer, what is it that gets you excited about working on a project or that draws you to an artist?

A. Creative freedom!  I love artists that take chances but maintain their integrity!  That's what drew me into Fonzworth Bentley's project.

Q. Name one song that you love that would surprise us.

A. The Clash - "Rock The Casbah".

Q. Ok, here’s one for you:  You have 24 hours on lockdown in a studio & have to come up with a #1 hit – a smash song.  Who’s on the dream team in there with you?

A.  How's my budget!!?? HAHAHA!!! Ok...I'll take Jon Brion, Pink, Javier (Pain's Engineer) & Andre 3000.

Q.  Since you have a great perspective on your own brand, how do you feel about music being used to strengthen another brand?

A. I'm all for it! I feel once people have their fan base, they should use that influence....but in the right way!

Q. Any parting words?

A. I feel we are blessed with success for a reason, which is to help another person become success.  Thank you for having me!

To license some of the same music that is attracting so many prominent artists to BabyBoi95, check out his artist profile on to www.affixmusic.com.