The Affix A-List, Episode 2: Back To School

Temperatures in the metro Atlanta area are starting to sink below 95 and folks across the country are making plans for long weekend Labor Day celebrations. As summer begins to give way to fall, kids everywhere are once again faced with the inevitable - it’s time to go back to school. Days filled with both excitement and anxiety mark the commencement of a new school year, and in this edition of The Affix A-List we pay tribute to playground pranks, first loves, lessons learned, and the teachers who make it all happen. 1. [wpaudio url="" text="P.O.N. - Nappy Roots" dl="0"] Dedicated to “the class of two-thousand and forever,” P.O.N. oozes positivity with lines like, “you don’t have to sell drugs, you can do it through school,” and “you live and you learn.”

2. [wpaudio url="" text="Like Clockwork - B. Stylez" dl="0"] Whether it’s counting down the minutes remaining in an exam or slowly edging toward the end of class, students will surely be able to identify with the ticking clock theme throughout this instrumental track.

3. [wpaudio url="" text="Blackberry Pie - Richelle Brown (Explicit)" dl="0"] This raucous playground stomper is a girl power anthem.

4. [wpaudio url="" text="Played Out - Purple Crown (Explicit)" dl="0"] With references to Michael Jackson, New Edition, and Kris Kross, Purple Crown recalls an “age of innocence” while challenging individuals to embrace their own styles and create what’s next.

5. [wpaudio url="" text="Close - Fresh GeeX" dl="0"] Here's one for the homecoming dance.

6. [wpaudio url="" text="Chuck Jones - Jaspects (Explicit)" dl="0"] School days aren’t always easy, and this jazz-rock fusion track highlights some of the teen angst that comes along with being a kid. Although it seems like every generation comments on how kids these days grow up quicker than they used to, the line “baby’s ain’t watchin cartoons no more” certainly drives the point home.

7. [wpaudio url="" text="Hop Inside - The Beat Geeks" dl="0"] Cars are currency in high school parking lots and this tune from The Beat Geeks recalls memories of guys trying to impress.

8. [wpaudio url="" text="Back To School - Brown" dl="0"] Brown gets nostalgic here, reminiscing about high school glory days.

9. [wpaudio url="" text="The Teacher - Yoel ben Yehuda" dl="0"] A beautiful piano piece and a fitting tribute to all those who dedicate themselves to educating our youths.

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