The Affix A-List, Episode 3: NFL Kickoff

Gentlemen, fire up your grills. The long-awaited NFL season kicks off tonight in New Orleans as the Super Bowl champion Saints take on the Minnesota Vikings in a rematch of last years’ classic NFC Championship Game. From tailgate parties to hail mary’s, long runs to big all needs a soundtrack, and we’ve got it here in this installment of The Affix A-List.

1. [wpaudio url="" text="I Put My Work In - Bravo Young" dl="0"] Players have been grinding off the field for months in preparation for the start of the NFL season this week. Being an elite athlete takes year round dedication. For all the fame, riches, and glory, these guys have definitely put their work in.

2. [wpaudio url="" text="Triumphant - The Agency" dl="0"] Anyone who’s seen any of the Rocky movies knows you can’t train without great montage music. This instrumental track from The Agency fits the bill perfectly.

3. [wpaudio url="" text="Let's Get It - Yac-Yan Da Biznessman (Explicit)" dl="0"] After a long off season there’s no doubt that everyone is fired up about getting down to business. As Da Biznessman says here, “It’s time to go / Come on let’s get it / Let’s roll, let’s hit it.”

4. [wpaudio url="" text="Neighborhood - Sam Rhansum (Explicit)" dl="0"] We know, we know...“Neighborhood” has been featured on a previous A-List. But it’s hard not to picture your favorite team taking the field to this track.

5. [wpaudio url="" text="Da Drum - Billy Hume" dl="0"] Hume’s "Da Drum" hits harder than an angry Ray Lewis.

6. [wpaudio url="" text="Spin Cycle - Willie Beaman (Explicit)" dl="0"] Running backs across the league work on perfecting their spin move to leave defenders grabbing at the air. And you’ve gotta love that Beaman even drops an Any Given Sunday “Steamin’ Willie Beaman” reference.

7. [wpaudio url="" text="Makes Em Move - Krome (Explicit)" dl="0"] Winning comes first in the NFL but you can bet that all players hope to make ESPN’s highlight reel at the end of the week. When they do, “Makes Em Move” just might be the soundtrack.

8. [wpaudio url="" text="Clash of the Gladiators - Twentyone" dl="0"] Nothing in sports is more compelling than an epic comeback. It takes grit, determination, and pride. This instrumental from Twentyone evokes all of those themes.

9. [wpaudio url="" text="Victory Lap - B. Stylez" dl="0"] Ahh, the sweet taste of victory. Imagine your team hoisting the Lombardy trophy with this tune playing in the background.

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