Featured Music Provider: Richelle Brown


Bringing back true moxie and funk to the music sphere, Richelle L. Brown exudes a raw, contagious energy missing from much of today’s new music. Crowned the new queen of Electro Funk Dance Music, she is a passionate singer-songwriter and performer birthed from Georgia’s gritty red clay and full of southern spunk and funk. Brown doesn’t just join the movement of retro songstresses that are invading the hyperspace experience; she leads it. Affix recently caught up with Richelle for a quick Q&A, here’s what she had to say:

Q: Your music is a great example what is most exciting about Urban Muisc these days. It incorporates elements of funk, electronic music, R&B, and pop. What inspires you? What leads you to create such eclectic music?

Pop culture from the 1960-2000s! High vibration and body movement! I create music for how I feel at the moment and how I want the crowd to respond and feel in the future!

Q: Is there an overall message you want to convey throughout all of your music?

Freedom of expression…what life is all about: joy, love, triumph, evolution! I look at myself as gatekeeper to human evolution in music and movement!

Q: What does Urban mean to you? What makes your music Urban?

My friends and I naturally hated to be classified as anything because we felt that limitations follow classifications. I now realize that classification is what the everyday human is comfortable with. I’m not here to make you feel comfortable. I’m here to fire life up with my soul, words, and movement! That is what urban music is for Richelle: soul, words, and movement!

Q: Name one song that you love that would surprise us. Any guilty pleasures?

“Closet Freak” by CeeLo,  “Indian Reservation” By Paul Revere and The raiders, and “Don’t Stop Til You get enough” By The Great Micheal Jackson! My guilty pleasure is my Royal Highness, shopping and my nudity…I love to be nude and free!!! I really don’t feel guilty about that!!!

Q: Who would you most like to collaborate with…past or present?

The Great Micheal Jackson, The greatest James Brown, The Doors, The wildest Jimi Hendrix, The underrated Betty Davis who was once married to miles davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Sly and The Family Stone, Ceelo, Wiz Khalifa, Yella Wolf, The Constellations, Ocha La rocha, Aleon Craft (love him).

Q: Is there a brand out there that you feel would be a great match for your music? How would you most like to see your songs being portrayed in a commercial situation?

Michael Jacksonish, JimiHendrixish, with a mix of Labelle! Masterful, Magical, Heavenly, supernatural, Angelic, Universal, Big, Wild, Beautiful, Funky and Godly…in my case Goddessly!!! I feel I’m one of a Kind and the most high has major plans for my journey!

Q: Outside of music, what are you passionate about?

I am passionate about Human evolution! I love philosophy, metaphysics, universal studies and diamonds! I love the supernatural!

Q: What are you working on now?

Right now I’m working on more electro funk music…I’m looking for a band and dj…my health and my wealth!!!

Q: Any last words?

Life is transcendental and magical…we are all one mind/body/soul! If you want destruction create out of fear, if you want beauty and wealth create out of love!!! Love is the highest vibration.

Follow Richelle (@richellelbrown) on Twitter for more straight-from-the-source info on what’s going on with her.

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