Nappy Roots Join Affix Family


With over 5 million records sold, 2 Grammy nominations, a MTV Video Music Award nomination, 2 American Music Award nominations as well as a Soul Train award nomination, it’s fair to say that Nappy Roots know what they’re doing.  So we were flattered when they chose to partner with Affix in licensing music from their latest release, Pursuit of Nappyness.  We sat down with Skinny, the group’s front man, to discuss the band, the music business, and Nappy’s relationship with Affix.  Turns out, they kinda like us too….Check it out! 

Q:  What initially got you interested in working with a company like Affix?

We’ve been on the shelf before; we know how that feels.  So it’s like, you know what, let’s just take control of our own destiny and really take charge of our own ship.  So we decided to go independent and pursue various different routes.

In 2002 it was all about the money, sex, and drugs - I wanted it all. But now, I want ownership, I want to control my masters, I wanna own my publishing.  That’s what I value.  That’s priceless.

Q: What about Affix specifically made sense for Nappy Roots?

By us hooking up with Affix, we’re able to do a licensing deal nonexclusively. That has allowed us to maintain our freedom and they’re able to license our music to anybody who chooses to use music to sell their product.

Q: So from the artists’ perspective, how does the process work?

It’s very stress free and painless. Affix is taking records that we own and control.  They’re able to take them knowing that Nappy Roots own this record thinking “I can give this to this client stress free, without having a bunch of legalities get in between the music and them actually using it.”  With Affix we have a better opportunity to control the parameters in those situations.  It gives us the luxury of not dealing with a bunch of middlemen between us and people wanting to license our music.

Affix is a company that is allowing our records to have a second breath.

Q: How confident are you, as an artist, in what Affix brings to the table?

Affix has a great business plan and an idea that I think works. I’m very cool and comfortable knowing that I have I have a great team around me, I have great people who believe in me, and I have a company that is very vibrant and growing with Affix coming in and helping us out and putting our records into places they wouldn’t normally be.

If you look at Nappy Roots and look at how we’re getting our music in to soundtracks and movies and commercials and greeting cards, I’d say Affix.

Q: What advice would you give to other artists who are looking for licensing opportunities?

If you wanna be in control of your own ship and the master of your own destiny, I would definitely look at dealing with Affix who can work your music just as good as a label can.