The Affix A-List: Spring Break Mix Tape


Once a year students in search of warm weather and cold drinks descend upon lakes and beaches everywhere in an annual ritual known as Spring Break.  Sunscreen and bikinis replace midterms and sweaters and for one glorious (read: debaucherous) week, the kids cut it loose.  Of course, no self-respecting Spring Breaker would dare show up to the party without the latest tunes.  And that’s where we come in.  So tap the keg and turn the music up, this is Spring Break 2K11. 

The Beat Geeks - Living Life Loud:  If The Black Eyed Peas were cooler, they might sound like The Beat Geeks.  Loud, irreverent, and energetic, this tune is everything a Spring Breaker wants to hear.

Write Time - Blast In A Glass:  The title says it all.  If you’re looking to let loose and have a good time, Write Time has what you’re looking for.

Deonna Martin - Undercover:  Martin’s “Undercover” is dancefloor-ready.  Nothing undercover about that.

Slick & Rose - Pop Fresh:  You know everyone brings their A-game to the club this week.  Spring Break is the time to look and move your best.  Slick & Rose are on top of it, and know it.

Tigga Bounce - Quad Drop Low:  Tigga Bounce delivers on this shout out to all the girls who can work it on the floor.

The Agency - Dance Party 4 Yo: You can’t have Spring Break without a dance party and The Agency has the beats to get it started right.

Sam Rhansum - Dos Tres: Latin and electronic influences meet on this dance track from Rhansum.

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