Affix Music Madness Recap

Like many of you, we couldn’t resist the urge to jump in on the March Madness action this year.  But rather than following our gut and taking VCU and Butler to make it to the Final Four, we decided to stick to what we do best – Urban Music.  We picked 64 of the hottest tunes in the Affix catalog and paired them off into four sub-genre “regions:” Pop/R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz & Blues, and Electronic.  Each business day we asked fans to vote for their favorite songs in different one-on-one matchups. It all came down to the wire with a brilliant and diverse Final Four of Pop-Soul princess Stacie Aamon, Jazz-Fusion guru PVD, budding Hip-Hop star Sam Rhansum, and Electronic beat master Michael Woodruff.  But in the end, after a few weeks, over 2,500 site hits and 472 votes we had the first Affix Music Madness champion: Stacie Aamon and her song “Warm Winter.”  We’ve highlighted Stacie as this month’s Featured Music Provider but we wanted to take this opportunity to tip our hat to all of the contestants who kept people coming back to listen and vote.  Their creativity and artistry was the driving force behind Affix Music Madness and what made it so much fun for everyone.  Take a listen to each song from our very first Final Four:

Electronic: Stacie Aamon - Warm Winter

Jazz & Blues: PVD - Walk It Off

Hip-Hop: Sam Rhansum - Shorty

Electronic: Michael Woodruff - Moon Boots