Featured Music Provider: Stacie Aamon


Stacie Aamon was the big winner of this year's Affix Music Madness. She's a Pop-Soul princess with songs as colorful as her voice and a sound as true as her story. February Story the EP is a musical story that overcomes, because the path to healing takes many turns. For emerging songwriting, vocalist and cellist Stacie Aamon that journey led her to create stirringly beautiful songs of vulnerability balanced by the power within all of us to overcome. As an MC called Destini from Prince Georges county, to Atlantic Records, to Def Squad music camp with the likes of Akon, Erik Sermon, and Scarface, Stacie Aamon’s path through the industry has seen the rollercoaster of successes and ugliness that has paralyzed so many careers. Stacie Aamon shares musical healing through lush songs that touch on the pain of love not quite right and the individual power that exists within each of us.

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