Deeper Searches


Part of what makes Urban Music so relevant in today's popular culture is the genre's diverse breadth.  From Latin-influenced grooves, to Pop-inspired melodies and Hip-hop hooks, Urban certainly covers a lot of ground...which is great for building a killer playlist for your iPod, but what about when you know exactly what you're looking for?  Our simple search filter makes drilling down into the subgenres of our massive catalog easier than Lionel Richie on Sunday morning.  Say you're looking for an electronic sounding tune for your project, when you get to our search filter, simply click "Electronic" and you'll see a list of subgenres like "Ambient," "Techno," "Dubstep," and more.  Similar subgenres are listed for each segment of our catalog so it's always easy to hone in on the music you need.  When you know what you want, we know how to get it to you.