Featured Music Provider: Jon Pierre


Jon Pierre brings a unique element to the Affix catalog. His dramatic soundscapes blend the intensity of classic movie scores with the street-smart sounds of Urban sensibility. Jon began composing music in a friend’s college dorm room as a computer science and math major at the University of Illinois. Since he was a child, music was very important to him and it was noticed at an early age that he had musical talents that could take him far one day. As a child, Jon can remember composing music in his head, hearing everything from large sweeping orchestral music to heavy metal all in his mind. At the time, he really didn’t know what to do with it until he went to college, where the door was literally opened for him to start writing music, even though he was using someone else’s equipment. From the beginning, Jon knew in his heart that music was going to be a large part of his professional life. After two years of computer science and math, Jon Pierre changed his major to music composition and enrolled at one of the nation’s premiere creative arts schools, Columbia College.

While at Columbia College, after his first semester as a music composition major, he was hired as a composer at one of Chicago’s top production companies, Dupee Productions. Joining the multi-talented production team as a composer/producer and writer was life changing for him. He was able to learn how to produce music to industry standards as well as learn from more experienced composers. Dupee Productions has been credited with working with Hidden Beach/Sony’s top recording artists such as Darius Rucker, Jill Scott, and Kindred the Family Soul.

After spending five years at Dupee Productions, Jon left and started his own company, Jon Pierre Music. Since then, Jon has scored films including full length features and documentaries, video games, and TV commercials. Jon Pierre’s music has also been licensed in tv shows like “So You Think You can Dance?” and “American Idol.” Jon also writes music for TV Promos and blockbuster movie trailers. He is currently managed by Stef Angel Music, a boutique management company with clients like Babyface, Prince, and George Duke.

Jon Pierre prides himself on being able to work within any budget and timeframe. He works tirelessly to give the client what they want and need. Not only can he understand the vision of the director, but has the ingenuity and courage to offer additional creative ideas to contribute to the overall project.

After 8 years of professional experience, Jon knows that he’s just getting started and is excited about what the future will bring to his career.

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